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Welcome at Mining4all Worldcoin Pool, posted Dec 8, 2013 at 19:58

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Welcome to the Mining 4 All Worldcoin Poolserver where you can mine at 1.5% FEE !

This pool uses Stratum only with Vardiff and PROP pay-out systems.

Please read this >>> getting started page if this is your first visit.
The getting started page has all the info you need to connect your miner and setup your account.

Need help? Just Clik here to join our live chat where you find people who can assist you

General info:   Overview all M4A crypto pools:
    Dogecoin website:doge.mining4all.eu
DOGE Stratum:stratum+tcp://doge.mining4all.eu:3338
      Fastcoin website: fst.mining4all.eu   FST Stratum: stratum+tcp://fst.mining4all.eu:3334
Server location: Europe / The Netherlands   Litecoin website: ltc.mining4all.eu   LTC Stratum: stratum+tcp://ltc.mining4all.eu:3333
Hardware: Xeon 64 bits cpu, 128 GB ram, 32 SSD's   Standardcoin website: std.mining4all.eu   STD Stratum: stratum+tcp://std.mining4all.eu:3331
Options: Crypto Calculator, Live chat, Forum, Anon mining, more...   Worldcoin website: wdc.mining4all.eu   WDC Stratum: stratum+tcp://wdc.mining4all.eu:3335